There was a group of English people, that were starving and they didn't have enough resources to survive in the woods. James White was the leader of the groups and went back to England for food but he had trouble for going back to America and he was retarded for 3 years. The group of English people was suposed to write in a tree with a cross where they were heading or seattled. He only found the tree with the word Croatan, and Roanoke Island was habitated with Croatan civilization, but he coulnd't go to the island and it's stiil a mistery. 

Facts about RoanokeEdit

- The final fate of the Roanoke Colony remains a mystery. Several theories exist with varying levels of evidence supporting each. One commonly held opinion is that the colonists left the fort and were gradually integrated into the local tribes. Other opinions range from the complete movement of the colony to a failed attempt to return to England. Numerous modern attempts to discover the eventual fate of the colonists continue, ranging from archeological exploration to DNA projects designed to establish if any descendants of the colonists remain.

The Lost Colony

The Lost Colony



Jamestown Hardships

  • Unfamiliar climat.
  • River water was drinkable only part of the year.
  • They had bult their fort beside the dirtiest part of the JamesRiver.
  • In the summer it turned salty and slimy.
  • By autumn, disease,salt poisoning, and starvation had killed almost half of the colonist.
    Jamestown fort

Facts about James town Edit

Initially, all passengers that arrived at the settlement were Englishmen. However, approximately a year later, two English women arrived.

Although Jamestown established the political and social culture of Virginia, after the government moved to Williamsburg in 1699, Jamestown quickly became deserted by the mid-1700s. It eventually developed into a state-sponsored attraction and the 400th anniversary of its founding was commemorated throughout 2007.

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The Mayflower was a ship that carried 102 that were puritans and were persecuted and they went to america, to make a new colony,the trip was 66 days long because they went  2mph . They wrote the mayflower compact and it said that they were loyal to England, and  half of the tripulation died because of the cold weather. Some native people named Samoset, Squanto help them to not get sick and teach them how to plant, and they were invited to dinner and there was the first Thanksgiving. 

Facts about Mayflower and its passangers: Edit

-Mary Allerton Cushman was three years old when she began the voyage aboard the Mayflower; when she died at 83, she was the last surviving passenger who had made the historic trip. 

-John Carver was chosen as the first governor of the Plymouth colony.  The honor was shortlived, as he died about four months later.

On its voyage to the New World, the Mayflower started off with 102 passengers and a  crew of  around 30 men.  Two passengers died in route.